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Hello! My name is Hannah Johnson and I started HumanEco because I care about people and the environment. My goal is to educate everyone I meet about their impact, and what better way to do it then through waste! Let's face it, we all generate waste. Whether you like to admit it or not, if you are consuming anything, you most likely have a sneaky little (or big) trail of waste behind you.

HumanEco aims to address waste head on by helping you to become aware and manage it properly. Ultimately, waste reduction is our goal, but let's start with just seeing what types of waste you or your business might be generating. Whether you are an individual, a company, or an event service, HumanEco is here to partner with you! 

I deeply believe we can all do better and that begins with awareness, communication and a plan of action. Let's dive in together and see what we can discover!

-Hannah Johnson

Sustainability Strategist, Owner and Founder HumanEco


"Hannah is a creative thinker and possesses the motivation and skills to see her projects come into fruition. She is both a dreamer and a doer -a rare find."


Erin Povak

Director of Stormwater Management at ECOSS

"I was able to work with Hannah on a few projects in regards to large-scale waste reduction efforts. Her drive and hard work ethic were apparent in her creative solutions, succinct presentation of ideas, and persistence in driving results. I would be more than happy to work with Hannah on any project in the future."


Holly Beale

Energy Analyst, Microsoft


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